Ingame Vibrancy.

Simply select a game and move the slider to determine vibrancy strength.
You can also block keys and select which screen the vibrancy should apply to.

Easy, Powerful Hotkeys.

  • Multimedia controls
  • Spotify controls
  • Imgur screencap and upload
  • Run games/files/links
  • More with plugins!

Lightweight and VAC safe.

This program will always be safe to use. It only interacts with the inbuilt NVIDIA API to change the monitor vibrancy.
It is also safe to use with clients like ESEA/FACEIT/CEVO.



Some games like CS:GO are very desaturated.
Increasing the Digital Vibrance makes the game look prettier and increases visibility.
Practically all professional CS:GO players use higher ingame vibrancy!

Will this decrease my computers performance?

No! The program does nothing when it sits in the background.

Does this connect to the internet?

The program will only connect to the internet if you tell it to check for updates.

Will this work with an AMD GPU?

No, support is not implemented for AMD graphics cards.

I have an issue / I found a bug / I have a feature suggestion

Bug reports and feedback is hugely appreciated!
To submit please open a GitHub issue.

How can I contact you?

You can send me an email at

I want to show my appreciation for the project

Sure! Any donations are appreciated as it helps me with living expenses.